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Posted By on Mar 4, 2015


Wearable technology is all around us. Chances are we’ll see more coming, too, as Under Armour recently acquired two wearable tech firms, worth around $600 million. It’s easy to see the push to combine functionality, pleasing aesthetics and personalization in a myriad of wearable technology, from watches to eyewear, socks, jocks and everything in between.

As if this isn’t amazing enough, there’s already a next wave of health care technology on the horizon via 3D printing. This takes wearables even further, using highly customizable technology to change lives and likely changing the face of medicine along the way.

A New Era of Healthcare

While wearable technology might seem a craze for the fitness nuts right now, the concept goes far beyond counting steps or calories. Google is partnering with Pharma giant Novartis to create a contact lens that can monitor patients’ blood sugar levels.

How’s that for 21st Century healthcare?

And that’s just one! Consider this, Oxitone has created the world’s first mobile bracelet for constant monitoring of heart diseases, including pulmonary and sleep-related maladies, for people with heart and other health concerns.

Beyond Wearable Technology

Look at 3D Printing, which is a process that creates physical objects from a three-dimensional digital-design model that will take healthcare technology to the next level.

The new technology offers patients customizable implants, which can reduce surgery times (e.g., surgery costs $100 per minute) and medical expenses (e.g., use of 3D printed medical reduces anesthesia risks during long surgeries).

Hearing aids, which can now also be 3D printed, now take less than a day to make – compare that to the previous weeks it used to take.  No matter what industry we’re talking about, time is money.

The conventional wisdom, pardon the irony, is 3-D printing will only seem to be utilized more in the years to come, especially as it becomes more affordable for hospitals and medical clinics. Right now, it’s still in its infancy stage. But once grown, trust me, it’s going to be incredible.

Check out how 3D printing saved a two-year-old’s life here.

The Next Generation of Customer Experience

The future is bright for companies, employees, and more importantly, customers in this new era of customer experience. Because we now live in a time where we’re not just helping a customer’s experience by making their online purchase order easier, but we’re helping them live healthier, longer lives – even with illnesses.